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5 Metaverse Takeaways from VidCon

The Metaverse was a hot topic at VidCon, and here's what stood out for me...

1. Passion points (anime, comics, science & tech, etc.) will be the entry point to the metaverse for many consumers. via Edwin Wong (Vox Media) & Shelby Swartz Bier (United Talent Agency). I've heard similar perspectives from executives at Everyrealm Inc. and Meta, so this is very on trend.

2. Video influencer promotions are often a key traffic driver for brand activations on metaverse platforms like Roblox and Minecraft. via Zach Hahn (Super League Gaming). Building a metaverse experience is one thing, but getting users to discover and try it out is something else.

3. The YouTube and Roblox ecosystems are very tightly connected with Roblox players

posting popular gameplay videos to YouTube. via Magali Huot (YouTube) & Lauren Freeman (Roblox). Interesting to see what role YouTube and other video platforms have to play in shaping the metaverse moving forward.

4. Chipotle Mexican Grill garnered 4.6B press impressions when it tied its popular Boorito Halloween activation to Roblox having an outage. via Jenny Williams (Chipotle Mexican Grill). Love how Chipotle being an active early metaverse adopter benefited the brand in a big way.

5. Roblox video influencer MeganPlays went from making videos to building her own games, and now she has a 70-person development studio Wonder Works Studio that build games for itself and brands. Shows how influencers can expand their businesses with new metaverse revenue streams.

What do you think about how brands, influencers, and platforms are building in the metaverse? Leave a comment below.

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