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5 Recently-Released Roblox Metaverse Brand Activations Worth Knowing

Discovering which brands are releasing new limited-time events, persistent games / experiences or integrations into existing games on the Roblox platform (or any metaverse platform) is not a straightforward endeavor. That's because there's no single publicly available and regularly updated list or database that focuses on metaverse brand campaigns.

Therefore, since June of 2022, we've been scouring places like LinkedIn, Twitter, and industry media like Ad Age's Metaverse Tracker to build our own database of metaverse brand activations. We're tracking across multiple metaverse platforms including Fortnite, Horizon Worlds, Decentraland, and The Sandbox. Based on my research, it's clear that most entertainment and sports brands are choosing Roblox as their preferred platform - we've tracked 100 activations on Roblox thus far. As Roblox continues to be the most popular platform for brands in the metaverse, we'll continue to focus our research and analysis there.

Here are 5 new Roblox brand activations that have largely flown under the radar but have caught my attention and are worth examining further.

Black Adam ⚡ Experience

Having previously launched games for tentpole films Wonder Woman 84 and In the Heights, Warner Brothers and DC continue to leverage Roblox to promote upcoming movie releases geared towards young audiences. This experience features trivia, a scavenger hunt where players must find 8 Black Adam bolts, and plenty of opportunities to create a path of destruction. To entice Roblox user to play, the experience offers highly-coveted avatar items to unlock.

Visits to date: 2.6M

Unique players to date: 840K

My Little Pony: Visit Maretime Bay

Hasbro's classic toy brand My Little Pony is now on Roblox to promote its latest animated tv series on Netflix. When in the game, players cruise around as a pony rather than their own avatar, collecting crystals, delivering smoothies, soaring the skies, playing hide and seek, and taking selfies. Highly sensitive about being in compliance with child safety rules and public perception, this game does not offer any items to purchase with Roblox's in-game currency Robux.

Visits to date: 4.8M


Having recently integrated "girl" leaning brands Barbie and Polly Pocket into mega-popular Roblox game Livetopia, Mattel has brought "boy" leaning brand He-Man into Roblox with its own experience created by popular game studio Gamefam (which built the top-branded game Sonic Speed Simulator). To promote the launch, Mattel enlisted gaming influencer Ninja (23.8M YouTube subscriber) to create a custom video, but it only has 50K views 6 days after release. Since Ninja doesn't specialize on Roblox, it's surprising that Mattel went with him instead of a Roblox-specific influencer.

Visits to date: 2.7M

The Chainsmokers' Festival Tycoon

Music artists holding limited-time metaverse concert events is fairly common, but this is an example of how performers can go bigger. To promote the release of their new album "So Far So Good," music duo The Chainsmokers released a concert event as well as this persistent Roblox experience. In the game, players can build their own music festival by unlocking items such as stage design, lighting, lounges, pyrotechnics, merch booths, and music. Also created by Gamefam, this experience features Chainsmokers music, avatar accessories available for purchase, and free items to unlock. Visits: 18.7M

FIFA World ⚽

Ahead of the Men's and Women's World Cups, FIFA has launched FIFA World on the Roblox metaverse platform. They've brought in two players into the experiences, Pedri from the Spanish men's team and Lena Oberdorf from the German women's team. There are sponsors in the experience such as Visa and adidas. Video streaming classic FIFA moments.

Visits: 1.2M

Stephen Dypiangco is the CEO of Metaverse Marcom, a strategy and consulting firm helping entertainment and sports brands enter the metaverse.

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