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Brands with the Most Followers on Roblox

Brands establish their virtual existence on the Roblox platform in a few different ways.

One popular method is to create their own custom gaming experiences, and another is to integrate into existing ones.

Another option is to sell UGC (user generated content) within the Roblox Avatar Shop. This is where Robloxians can purchase items and use them to customize their avatars.

All of these methods allow brands to build awareness and engage with the Roblox community.

As covered in our previous post, brands that enter the Roblox platform must create an account and a group. These group members are similar to “followers” on other social media platforms. Growing a group following can be integral to building a brand presence on Roblox.

When players join a Roblox group associated with a brand, it can be hugely beneficial because it suggests players are engaging with said brand and their corresponding gaming experiences.

This is where brands can shine by nurturing those relationships and paying attention to what their Roblox fanbase finds important.

So which branded groups are currently making a splash on Roblox? Let’s dive in!

Sonic Conquers Roblox

It might sound like a set-up to a joke — a hedgehog, clans of cats and Yogis walk into a bar — but Sonic the Hedgehog, Warriors Cats and Alo Yoga are the ones laughing all the way to the top of our Brand Account Followers chart.

Particularly Sonic. With 3.1M group members, Sonic collects members like he collects rings.

While this brand may not have the same overall level of mainstream recognition as juggernauts like Mario and Pokemon, Sonic has maintained a dedicated fanbase for over 30 years, with countless games, cartoons, movies and merchandise.

Its enduring popularity and influence on gaming culture make it a significant and beloved brand across a gamut of platforms. It comes at no surprise, this speedy mammal is in pole position of our leaderboard.

Like with the Sonic Group, you can see how the members of Warrior Cats group are continuously engaging with its brand and related gaming experience. There are hundreds and hundreds of comments on both these walls. And that's just today (May 2, 2023)!

While it's true that leaving a wall open for comments (on any platform) can often result in spam, negative feedback, or confusing randomness, it can also provide an opportunity for a brand's online community to share valuable feedback.

A well-moderated wall can foster a sense of community among Robloxians and help build brand loyalty. While it may require effort to manage, maintaining an open wall for comments can ultimately be an invaluable strategy for brands looking to connect with their audience.

Leaving a wall open to comments isn't the be-all, end-all to building a following. Thirteen of the top twenty brands choose not allow comments.

Third place on our charts is one of the world's most famous yoga brands Alo Yoga. Its group has garnered over 75K followers since our last report in January, 2023.

Claire's Steady Rise

While big retail brands like Amazon and Walmart have experienced little growth in terms of group members, another retail brand has climbed the charts: Claire's.

In the past 4 months, around 50K more Robloxians have followed the Claire's group. Its related ShimmerVille experience involves collecting cute pets and going on fun adventures with them, so it has obvious appeal to the demos most popular on Roblox — kids!

ShimmerVille has over 5.2M visitors since its activation in October 2022, making it a solid performer on the platform.

For more insight and advice about building a brand presence on Roblox, contact Metaverse Marcom's CEO and Roblox expert, Stephen Dypiangco, at

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