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How Livetopia's Roblox Integrations Provide Brands Guaranteed Traffic

Inside look into Century Games' popular Livetopia experience, which has done many brand deals.


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Every month I examine and rank the most-visited branded experiences on Roblox. Last month and the two months prior, Mattel's Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon claimed the top spot with around 30 million visits.

While 30 million visits is a very strong result on Roblox, most branded experiences are not typically able to reach that level of traffic. Many branded experiences these days are fortunate to reach 1-2 million visits, and even hitting those numbers typically requires some level of paid marketing spend on platform.

But building a branded experience from scratch is not the only way for a brand to launch an immersive campaign on Roblox. Integrating into an existing Roblox experience that has consistent traffic is another approach brands can take to get in front of Roblox players. As I've outlined previously, there are many benefits to integrating into an existing experience, especially guaranteed reach.

When you build an experience from scratch, you don't really know how much traffic you'll acquire (outside of paid marketing spend). But that's not the case with integrations because most experiences that offer integrations have consistent and predictable traffic.

One Roblox developer that has done several integrations with big brands including VISA, Lunchables and L'Oreal Paris is Century Games, maker of the popular Livetopia role playing game experience.

I connected with Livetopia's Head of Global Brand Partnerships Jason Steyaert and asked him about why brands want to integrate and the keys to a successful integration.

How would you describe Livetopia to someone who has never played before?

Jason: Livetopia is a modern immersive gaming world where players can roleplay and socialize. They can choose their own roles, outfits, and jobs to play the way they want. They can build their own houses and drive cool cars in the city, at the beach, or in the forest. They can sail the seas or soar the skies with boating and flying. They can play with their friends and befriend lovely pets. “It’s Your World” is the game’s motto.


You've worked with a lot of big brands. Why are brands interested in coming to Livetopia?

Jason: Livetopia is both incredibly stable and has a built-in and loyal community.  Rather than needing to acquire users for a new experience, we can give a pretty good snapshot of our players and their behaviors. This gives brands some reassurance that their messaging will be heard as they work directly with Century Games.  After the 10 global brand integrations we did in 2023, we also know what works and what doesn’t to maximize the ROI.  Century Games has also proven time and again to over deliver on our contractual obligations to ensure the client is happy.


What stat(s) do you find most impressive about Livetopia? Is this the same stat that gets brands excited about Livetopia?

Jason: The general stability of Livetopia is the most [important] asset we have.  While there’s fluctuation in any Roblox experience, there are only a few role play games that hold a significant number of players for an extended period of time.  With updates every week, this gives us the confidence that we’ll have the players by the time a brand integration is released.


What do you think leads to a successful brand activation on Roblox these days?

Jason: Authenticity and creativity.  Like F2P mobile games, varying too far from what we know works in Roblox can lead to disappointing results. Therefore, brands shouldn’t just develop around their messaging and product, but also find creative ways integrate around proven mechanics. 


What advice do you have for brands thinking of activating on Roblox?

Jason: First decide your goals for being on Roblox and then determine how long of a commitment you’re willing to make.  Next, decide whether impressions or engagement time is more important.  Impressions are easily obtainable and less risky by integrating into already existing experiences, whereas longer engagement time may be more achievable if you build your own experience.  In Livetopia, we can get CPM’s well under a dollar with the right creative.  Finally, determine a budget and build a plan around achieving the greatest ROI.


What type of brands do you want to work with the most?

Jason: Livetopia and Metro Life (Both Century Games experiences) are open to working with all brands and companies around the world.  In 2024, we’re putting an emphasis on fashion/retail and entertainment.  In the retail space, we’ve worked with the likes of American Eagle, Athleta Girl, L’Oreal Paris and Skechers (coming soon).  In 2023, we created very successful campaigns for Universal’s Trolls Band Together and Illumination’s Migration and are looking to do more immersive trailers and studio partnerships.  Both fashion and entertainment promotions are very different strategies, but have proven to be highly successful in Livetopia. 

Stephen Dypiangco is the CEO of Metaverse Marcom, a strategy and consulting firm helping entertainment and sports brands enter Roblox.

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