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Inside the Weird & Wonderful World of Soulskor's Roblox UGC

Roblox UGC designs by Soulskor

When talking with creators about what type of UGC is successful on Roblox, I often hear that "weird" is popular.

To me this makes a ton of sense. Roblox is a platform that's as much about showing off and getting noticed than it is playing games and hanging out with friends.

So when you equip your avatar with something so weirdly striking that it makes others stop in their tracks, you're winning.

One community creator who has recently caught my attention with his jaw-dropping designs is UGC creator Soulskor.

Soulskor has had incredible success selling millions of items on the platform and finding fulfillment in crafting items for brands. Here's our interview with this super talented artist whose setting himself apart on Roblox.

Metaverse Marcom: How did you start creating Roblox UGC?

Soulskor: Back when I was in the 11th Grade in the UK, during my GCSEs, a fellow student became aware of my hobby of crafting 3D models, which I would routinely share on Instagram. They recommended that I explore Roblox.

Admittedly, as a teenager at that time, I couldn't help but react with a certain level of skepticism, considering their suggestion as a joke. However, I eventually decided to give it a try.

Reflecting on the significant progress I've made thus far in this 3D art journey, I can confidently state that I have no regrets whatsoever and find myself smiling when thinking about that particular moment.

Prior to this, I had already been engaged in creating 3D models for approximately a year. While my skills weren’t particularly great, it was an enjoyable and personal hobby. In contrast to the activities of most individuals, who typically play games, sports, or other pursuits, I found my satisfaction in creating 3D models.

Upon exploring Roblox, I found various community servers and began sharing my creations. Over time, I secured my first commission and successfully completed it. The sensation of receiving compensation was immensely gratifying.

Through participation in the DevEx program, I eventually managed to convert my earned Robux into the sum of $350. This moment remains etched into my memory as it marked my first significant milestone and introduced me to the world of freelancing. It also represented the first instance of having tangible earnings from my own efforts.

Source: Roblox Supplemental Material - Q2, 2023

Roblox Developer Exchange Program (ie. DevEx) enables developers who have created popular and engaging games, experiences, or virtual items on the Roblox platform to monetize their efforts beyond the in-game economy, and receive real-world currency

Subsequently, I continued to accept commissions and remained active on the platform, forging connections with fellow developers along the way. Gradually, I became acquainted with the concept of User-Generated Content (UGC) for the Catalog, which intrigued me. This led me to apply for a place in the UGC program during its early phases.

Although I faced an initial rejection, my determination to contribute to the catalog remained resolute. I embarked on a reapplication journey, dedicating a month to creating models and enhancing my portfolio. Eventually, my persistence paid off as I was accepted into the UGC Program.

Metaverse Marcom: Why have you been so active making Roblox Avatars?

Soulskor: Before becoming a part of the UGC program, my focus revolved around initiating personal projects, predominantly centred on characters. Engaging in such endeavours was fulfilling and enjoyable for me.

Notably, a significant portion of the commissions I accepted, both on and off the platform, were centred around character creation. However, upon recognizing the positive trajectory of my engagement with the UGC program, I made a decision to concentrate on my A-Levels studies and UGC goals. The realization that I desired to contribute more to the platform, coupled with the emergence of avatars as a significant aspect, motivated me to shift my focus and focus more on creating avatars.

Embracing my role as a UGC creator, I was propelled by an innate desire to bring forth avatars that were not only unprecedented but also reflected my passion for creating characters. While I enjoy creating content for the catalog, I must confess that my heart lies in character creation above all else. Gaining comprehensive understanding of the process to the point where it became second nature made me dedicate myself to producing distinctive characters. The entire experience proved gratifying.

Setting up characters to function seamlessly within the Roblox environment, observing their integration within Roblox Studio, and using the feature was satisfying. The inherent capability to layer clothing and seamlessly incorporate accessories with avatars was nothing short of amazing.

In my perspective, Roblox offers the pinnacle of customization possibilities for its user base. This freedom enables users to truly embody any identity they wish, fostering self-expression in the most personalized manner. Moreover, the extensive catalog ensures an abundance of choices, granting users the ability to create their avatars with a variety of items to choose from.

Metaverse Marcom: What have you learned making Roblox avatars?

Soulskor: I've gained a substantial amount of knowledge in 3D modeling, particularly in efficiently crafting avatars tailored for the Roblox catalog. I've established a workflow that facilitates the creation process, reducing the workload on my end.

One example of this efficiency is the integration of a consistent process for avatars, involving the incorporation of a "cage." This cage is a mesh devised by Roblox, serving as a blueprint for layering clothing over avatars. For each avatar I develop, I essentially create a new cage that I can then reuse for future creations. This collection of cages has grown to encompass more than 150 different cages.

This approach enables me to assess an avatar I'm working on and cross-reference it with the assortment of previous cages. Subsequently, I can select the one that best aligns with the current creation, significantly expediting the development process and conserving valuable time.

Let's face it, nobody enjoy diving into the more technical aspects of 3D modelling, although personally condensing high poly model to low poly model suitable for Roblox is surprisingly that I enjoy it always amazes me what you can do with only 10,000 triangles, for Roblox it’s all you need.

Metaverse Marcom: What have you learned making Dynamic Heads on Roblox?

Soulskor: Through my journey, I've come to understand that Dynamic Heads is an immensely versatile feature with virtually no limitations outside the catalog. It's a tool that essentially allows you to materialize your creative visions without constraints, provided your intention revolves around generating a head that responds to human facial movements.

To exemplify, I've created a three-headed avatar within the catalog that seamlessly interacts with a single human head. This achievement is attributed to the intricate rigging of the head itself and Roblox's ingenious design of Dynamic Heads, which leverages familiar facial emotes and facial tracking to interpret the user's camera movements.

Roblox UGC of cat in box dynamic head
Soulskor exploring the possibilities of dynamic heads

In the near future, I plan to unveil the True Hydra avatar—an assembly of nine heads, all synchronously responding to facial tracking. This feature is incredibly captivating to me. It offers a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of Roblox and explore uncharted territory.

In the context of the catalogue, however, the extent to which creators can explore this creativity largely hinges on Roblox’s stance. Currently, pushing the boundaries creatively can be somewhat challenging within these constraints. Nonetheless, I remain optimistic that the future holds potential for improvements in this aspect.

Metaverse Marcom: What brands do you think are doing a good job on Roblox? Why?

Soulskor: In my perspective, Tommy Hilfiger stands out as the current frontrunner. Based on my previous engagement with their experience, it displayed remarkable solidity and a keen understanding of user intentions. Their concept was straightforward yet impeccably executed, incorporating elements such as bike riding, gameplay mechanics, and a well-defined objective and an amazing map for the user to immerse themselves in. Furthermore, their handling of User-Generated Content (UGC) caught my attention.

Tommy Hilfiger Roblox UGC clothing designs
Soulskor layered clothing creation for Tommy Hilfiger

Notably, the live fashion event they orchestrated left a lasting impression. Their approach of seamlessly intertwining a virtual fashion event with a real-life counterpart was an innovation I hadn't witnessed before. Their decision to infuse creativity by introducing unconventional characters and distinctive methods of showcasing clothing was strategic, utilizing the full spectrum of Roblox's tools. I commend their efforts in avoiding

a replica of the real-life walkway.

Likewise, the collaboration between Netflix, Stranger Things, and Sawhorse Interactive was remarkable. Their creation of an immersive watch party environment was unprecedented in my experience. The communal reception to this was, from what I recall, quite positive.

From my vantage point, Sawhorse Interactive emerges as an exemplary studio for brand collaborations. Their track record of executing experiences and brand partnerships is consistent and great. Collaborating with them as a creator has been an immensely fulfilling experience. The process of developing, designing, and creating models and artwork for their projects has been marked by enjoyment.

I believe Sawhorse Interactive excels in crafting experiences that cater to both user engagement and brand objectives. Their portfolio boasts engaging, enjoyable encounters. Noteworthy among their endeavors are the Tommy Hilfiger, Stranger Things, and Karlie Kloss collaborations.

Yet, the collaboration that remains etched in my memory is the one with music legend Elton John—an experience that I, as a fan, will forever treasure and be proud to have taken part in. I was asked to design an outfit for Elton Johns virtual avatar which was an experience to say the least.

Elton John UGC Roblox clothing
Soulskor's collaboration with Sawhorse Interactive for Elton John

Metaverse Marcom: What are improvements you think brands could make on Roblox?

Soulskor: I haven't had that much of a look into the activities of brands within their experiences. However, based on my limited exposure and knowledge, it appears that there's sometimes a disconnect between the objectives of brands and the preferences of users.

From my perspective, it would be beneficial for brands to emphasize understanding the elements that captivate users and align with their desires when shaping their experiences as opposed to focusing solely on pushing out their objective. While in some cases it could work, most likely will not.

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