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Inside ZURU Toys' Winning Roblox Strategy

ZURU Toys explains their process of bringing their Rainbocorns IP to Roblox.


Global toy company ZURU Toys caught my attention last month when their Rainbocorns IP popped up on my Roblox monthly brand rankings list in May. In that article, I broke down the various ways the game was able to attract players, including offering free UGC, posting dedicated Roblox content to social media, and launching a Discord community.

In order to learn more about how their successful Roblox experience, which now has over 6 million lifetime visits, came to be, I reached out to Francesca Sonand, Senior Global Marketing Manager at ZURU for more information. Thanks to her and Cushla Henry, Senior Global Content Manager for contributing to this interview.

This interview details the company's process getting up to speed on Roblox, finding a development partner to build with, and evolving their approach through making the experience. I see this as a potential blueprint for other companies interested in breaking their brand or IP to Roblox.

Stephen: Why did ZURU think Roblox would be a good place to promote Rainbocorns? 

ZURU: ZURU thought Roblox would be a good place to promote Rainbocorns because of several key reasons:


Massive Audience Reach: Roblox has 77 million daily active users, and 60% of these users are under 16 years old. In a world where capturing and maintaining the attention of kids is becoming increasingly challenging, Roblox offers an unparalleled platform to engage this young audience.


Evolving Entertainment Preferences: The entertainment landscape has shifted dramatically. While unboxing videos once captivated kids for up to 10 minutes, today’s children are multi-screening and seek more immersive forms of entertainment. To meet these evolving preferences, ZURU aimed to create an engaging and immersive experience for kids within the Rainbocorns Universe.


Rich Content Ecosystem: Since its market debut in 2018, Rainbocorns has developed a rich world called Rainboville. This world includes interconnected products, a detailed world map, animated content, and an original music soundtrack with 20 songs available on all streaming platforms. Leveraging Roblox meant that ZURU could bring Rainboville to interactive play through a layered gaming experience, which is a natural extension of the existing content ecosystem.


By integrating Rainbocorns into Roblox, ZURU can created a richer and highly immersive environment that captivates the target audience and cements the emotional connection that we have built through webisode stories and character personalization.

Rainbocorns animated characters
Rainbocorns Rainboville video on YouTube with 6.6M views.

Stephen: How easy was it to learn about the Roblox platform and come up with your Roblox strategy?

ZURU: Learning about the Roblox platform and developing our Roblox strategy initially seemed a bit daunting due to the platform's vast size and complexity. However, we found that the best approach was to dive in headfirst and have fun as users, playing various games to understand the platform from a player's perspective.


The next crucial step was finding the right developer and partner who understood what we were trying to create and who had a deep and native understanding of the Roblox platform.


We took our time, talking to different potential partners before connecting with Novaly who understood the vision and were as passionate about a Rainborns Roblox experience as we were. This collaboration helped us navigate the complexities of the platform more effectively. We were able to utilize Novaly’s insights and technical expertise and partner it with our creative and overall brand strategy to create something we knew was really special for launch.


Initially, our Roblox strategy was very product and brand focused. However, as we progressed with the development process, we realized the importance of balancing gameplay and entertainment with our brand objectives. This shift ensured that our approach to Roblox was engaging and enjoyable for users, aligning with the core principles of the platform.


Stephen: How active was the ZURU team in creating the Raise a Rainbocorn experience on Roblox? 

Zuru: The ZURU team was heavily involved in creating the Raise a Rainbocorn experience on Roblox. It was extremely important to us that the gameplay and the Rainboville world within the game aligned with our brand and the universe we had already established through our animation and other content.


We also wanted to ensure that users felt an emotional connection to their Rainbocorns and were motivated to nurture them through the gameplay. This emotional engagement was a key aspect of our strategy.


Designing our characters in the game was a meticulous process. We aimed to strike the right balance between cuteness, resemblance to the real-world product, and the practicality of allowing as much animation as possible for those characters within the game. This attention to detail ensured that the in-game experience was both engaging and true to the Rainbocorns brand.


It has been a true collaboration with regular catch ups with the ZURU and Novaly team, as a group we robustly discuss feedback and new ideas or inspiration. This could range from big ideas to just some minor tweaks, all helping to shape an authentic and layered game play experience that spoke to the Rainbocorn brand and ethos as well as capitalising on trends and what players love to engage with.


Raise a Rainbocorn test pet on Roblox.

Stephen: What are some of the biggest lessons the ZURU team had in building on Roblox?


ZURU: One of the biggest lessons the ZURU team learned in building on Roblox is that there are no limits to what can be achieved. Initially, our strategy focused heavily on aligning the game with our existing product and universe. However, as we continued to build and see the success of our launch, our mindset shifted.


We realized that the game could expand far beyond the real-world product that inspired it. This growth potential has opened new possibilities for how we can engage with our audience and develop the Rainbocorns brand within the Roblox platform, showing us that the only limit is our imagination.


Stephen: What advice would you have for other brands that want to learn about Roblox and possibly build on the platform?


ZURU: For other brands that want to learn about Roblox and possibly build on the platform, here are some key pieces of advice:


Immerse Yourself in the Platform: Spend as much time as possible on Roblox and within the gaming community. Understanding what is most important to the users on the platform is crucial for creating an engaging and successful experience.


Find the Right Developer Partner: Collaborate with an amazing developer partner who understands your vision. Their expertise will help bring your ideas to life and ensure the technical aspects of your project are well-executed.


Embrace Boundless Creativity: Know that only your imagination is the limit. Roblox offers immense flexibility and opportunities for creativity, so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and explore innovative ways to connect with your audience.


Ensure Engaging Gameplay: While marketing can be a great tool to drive traffic to the game, it will never succeed if the gameplay isn't engaging. Focus on creating a fun and immersive experience that keeps users coming back.


By following these steps, brands can effectively leverage Roblox to create unique and immersive experiences that resonate with the platform’s user base.


Stephen Dypiangco is a Roblox marketing and strategy consultant helping entertainment and sports brands enter Roblox.

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