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NFL Launches Roblox Simulator Game to Reach Younger Audiences

The NFL kicked off its second officially licensed experience on the Roblox platform with NFL Quarterback Simulator.

It's All About Reaching a Younger Audience

Coined as the ultimate football throwing challenge, this Roblox experience expands NFL's presence in the metaverse. Their aim is to promote American football to kids and encourage physical activity while earning revenue from virtual merchandise and turning the Gen Z audience (7 to 22) into loyal NFL viewers.

It comes as no surprise, a brand like the NFL is turning to Roblox to reach a younger audience. According to SportTechie, "the median age of fans who watch NFL games on traditional television is 54."

How's the Game Performing?

Teaming up once again with MELON, a leading metaverse developer, the NFL launched an initial Roblox release, NFL Tycoon, during last February’s Super Bowl week. This new NFL game has already proved popular with Robloxians, engaging new and existing NFL fans. Since its release on November 8, visits have climbed to over 1 million.

Visits: 1M+

User rating: 96%

Average Session Length: 5 minutes

What is the Game Like?

NFL Quarterback Simulator is a target practice passing game that includes obstacles, NFL player personas, and a bevy of rewards. Each level features a different theme that highlights NFL initiatives and international competitions while advocating a healthy balance of interactive and real-world play.

This gaming experience is brought to life by NFL players such as Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver, JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Users can explore a variety of landscapes, annihilate targets, collect cards, and piece together their ideal squad. Its simple-to-play functionality makes it enticing for new fans from the Roblox community to join in. As shown by popular YouTuber CaptainJackAttack in his tutorial which has garnered over 28K+ views.

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