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Shazam Movie and Home Depot Integrate Into Roblox Games

With over 60 million daily active users worldwide and about half of those under 13 years old, Roblox continues to stake its claim as an essential platform for big brands to connect and build their young audiences.

Hollywood movie Shazam! Fury of the Gods and retailer Home Depot are the latest brands to embrace this popular kid-friendly virtual playground by integrating into existing games with large audiences.

DC’s body-swapping superhero and the world's largest home improvement retailer might be two massive yet distinct entities, but their Roblox integrations have proved to be sizable hits for Robloxians. Here’s how Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Home Depot have successfully created immersive and interactive Roblox experiences.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods Strongman Sim

Recent Stats

Average Session Length: 10 minutes

Lifetime Visits: 961M

Average Visits Per Day: 2M

Rating: 93%

Warner Brothers and DC are no strangers to Roblox game tie-ins. Previously, we’ve seen Black Adam and Wonder Woman 1984 jump onto to the platform to promote their theatrical releases with custom, standalone games.

Powerful Integration with Hit Game

In this case, Warner Brothers collaborated with leading game developer The Gang to integrate Shazam! Fury of the Gods into their wildly-popular Strongman Simulator. The aim of this Sim is to show off your strength by hauling heavy objects across a finish line and beefing up to become the strongest player around.

Challenges Inspired by the Movie

In the game’s new Shazam! area, Shazam and his motley crew of heroes are here to help you score virtual items, like a Golden Apple and a Lightning Aura, as seen in the new movie. Players can face the fury of the gods in a new mini-game, where they show-off their superhero strength against the movie’s villains — Daughters of Atlas — in an epic battle of tug of war. This collaboration also includes a flight mechanic to the Strongman Simulator, so you can soar across the finish line.

Home Depot – Redcliff City RP

Recent Stats

Average Session Length: 14 minutes

Lifetime Visits: 422M Visits

Average Daily Visits: 800K

Rating: 89%

We’ve already seen mega-retailers like Amazon and Walmart make their presence felt in the Roblox space. The home improvement chain, Home Depot, has taken the baton and launched a Virtual Kids Workshop experience in Roblox's Redcliff City, a bustling realm where Roblox players socialize, make friends and live virtual lives. This popular experience now includes a Home Depot area, where players can build projects

Based on Existing Workshops

If you’ve ever visited Home Depot’s in-person kid workshops, then you might have some idea of what this brand integration offers. Like their real world hands-on learning experiences for kids, this Roblox mini-game enables players to collect materials in order to craft their own special projects.

Connecting Online and IRL

To link the virtual and real-life Home Depot workshops, unique codes that can be redeemed in Redcliff City are available during the in-person workshop on the first Saturday of each month in March.

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