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Top 10 Brands on Roblox (June '24)

Lamborghini takes the top spot on latest non-entertainment Roblox brand rankings.


For over a year, top entertainment-related IP such as Barbie, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miraculous and Hello Kitty have dominated my monthly Roblox brand rankings. This meant that we would see the same familiar names over and over from month to month.

These IP brands are doing incredibly well on the platform, attracting 10 million - 30 million visits a month by offering players fun games that get boosted by the Roblox algorithm thanks to strong engagement, retention and monetization.

But how are other brands performing on the platform? In order to answer this question, I've put together this list, which excludes entertainment, music, toys and sports brands. [If you're interested in seeing which sports brands are doing well, you can see my latest sports rankings.]

Fashion Brands Make Up 50% of the List

Alo Yoga, Nike and Vans were three of the earliest brands to enter Roblox with their own custom built experiences. Although these experiences have not been updated frequently over the past several months, they are still getting traffic from the Roblox algorithm. The risky chance these brands took to show up on Roblox before most other brands is continuing to pay off for them in terms of ongoing organic audience reach and engagement.

The other two fashion brands on this list, Clarks and Tommy Hilfiger, also have benefited by being on the platform for a long time.

Lamborghini is the Top Roblox Branded Experience with Help from its Driving Empire Partnership

After attracting over 1 million visits last December/January and then taking a break, Lamborghini returned to Roblox in May and saw incredible results. A large portion of the traffic the Lamborghini Lab was able to attract came from its innovative partnership with Voldex's Driving Empire, the most popular driving experience on Roblox.

Driving Empire players were able to claim a free car within the experience by taking a portal to the Lamborghini Lab and then returning.

This is a great example of a brand working with an existing Roblox experience in order to extend their reach on the platform and to attract new visitors to their own world.

Korean Convenience Store GS25 Has Strong Showing

I want to acknowledge the success of Korean convenience store GS25's Roblox experience, Work Together GS25. In the experience, players can assume the role of a store manager, cashier, cleaner, etc. While the idea of working in a store might not be appealing in real life, this type of gameplay can be very fun on Roblox. Another branded experiences that has similar work-related gameplay features is the super popular My Hello Kitty Cafe. Ikea's newly released experience also lets players pretend to be employees.

Interested in bringing your organization to Roblox? I'd love to help! Reach out to me at steve[at] to learn more about my consulting services.

Stephen Dypiangco is a strategy and marketing consultant, helping entertainment and sports brands enter Roblox.

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