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Top 10 Sports Brands on Roblox (June '24)

The Australian Open leads the way, followed by NFL and NHL.


Sports organizations such as the NFL and FIFA have launched multiple branded Roblox experiences over the past couple of years. But which sports brands are resonating the most with players right now? Let's take a look.

Australian Open Remains Top Branded Sports Experience

Just as we saw in last month's rankings, the Australian Open is the top sports experience on Roblox. What's surprising is that this month the experience had a 34% increase in visits. The experience is currently getting about 25K - 30K visits per day, which isn't massive. But that's a solid amount to keep bringing back on a regular basis, especially for an experience that has been around for over a year.

NHL Partners with ESPN

Earlier this year sports broadcaster ESPN did an integration into the AO Adventure. Now ESPN is back on Roblox, this time partnering with the NHL. Rather than building it's own experience from scratch, ESPN is leaning on partners with existing experiences.

Here's more about the experience from the game's description:

"🔥NEW OBBY & FREE UGC! Put your skating & shooting skills to the ultimate test in the new ESPN CHAOS RUN Obby. Enter the portal then race to beat a ghost across 3 levels to earn the free limited CHAOS HOCKEY PUCK HEAD. Courses & items will be updated throughout the month!"

Why does it make sense for the NHL to partner with ESPN? Because ESPN is contributing marketing dollars can help attract players for both parties.

The game description calls out that ESPN is a sponsor: "NHL Blast contains paid sponsored content from The Upper Deck Company, LLC and ESPN."

FIFA Partners with US Soccer and German Football Association

Another big sports collaboration launched within FIFA World. Originally launched to promote the men's and women's World Cup tournaments, this experience has undergone a major overhaul. Now the experience is a tycoon and feature two different partners: The US and German soccer federations. This is timed for the summer, when both countries are hosting major FIFA-sanctioned tournaments: the Euro and Copa America.

Here's more info from the description:

"Together with US Soccer and the German Football Association (DFB), FIFA presents an immersive Tycoon adventure! 🔨 ⚽Explore the immersive NEW FIFA World and engage in ever-changing activities and events! 🏆 Visit the all-new FIFA Hub to hang out with friends, explore, and watch exclusive FIFA+ content!

🇺🇸 Travel to the U.S. Soccer Tycoon and learn more about your favorite players, train your pets to become world class champions, build your campus and enjoy exclusive content! 🇩🇪 Travel to the DFB German Football Tycoon to access exclusive DFB German content and create your dream DFB German Football World! 👨🏽‍💼 Manage your own team of players and become the GOAT! 🏅Collect stickers and become a top manager in exciting new worlds! 🎁💫 1 free limited exclusive UGC left! Hurry to get yours!"

Interested in bringing your sports organization to Roblox? I'd love to help! Reach out to me at steve[at] to learn more about my consulting services.

Stephen Dypiangco is the CEO of Metaverse Marcom, a strategy and consulting firm helping entertainment and sports brands enter Roblox.

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