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Top 5 Sports Metaverse Experiences on Roblox Ranked

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Professional sports brands are taking gaming and immersive experiences to exciting levels on the global online platform Roblox. Whether it's to reach younger fans or Roblox's truly global audience, sports brands are betting that they can use the platform to grow their businesses.

The Roblox metaverse offers an endless array of user-generated sports-themed experiences (basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and more) for fans of all ages. And now Roblox's massive global audience (57 million daily active users as of September, 2022) can connect with some of their favorite teams, players, leagues, and fellow sports fans. With over 40 million games available on the Roblox, we're here to help you know which sports brands have entered the platform and how they are doing.

Here are the top 5 branded professional sports experiences to explore on Roblox as ranked by cumulative visits as of October, 2022.

1. WimbleWorld

Created by the Gang Sweden, the WimbleWorld experience from Wimebledon is the top sports experience on Roblox to date. Launched in conjunction with the popular Wimbledon tennis tournament, the experience has attracted over 11.5 million visits to date. Within the game, players can step onto the court and can play against friends or WimbeWorld's own AI. They can also meet famed player Andy Murray (pictured) and purchase exclusive Ralph Lauren layered clothing in the Wimbledon shop.

Visits: 11.5M

User rating: 79%

2. NFL Tycoon + NFL Shop

The NFL has two experiences on Roblox - NFL Tycoon and NFL Shop. NFL Shop hit the metaverse in November 2021 to offer Robloxians a chance to style their avatars with official NFL helmets and jerseys and share their passion for their favorite team.

Introduced for Super Bowl LVI, NFL Tycoon empowers players to build unique stadiums, manage teams, and grow franchises. One highlight of this experience is the London Games update, where players can place Big Ben in their customized NFL stadium.

Visits: 9.7M combined (NFL Tycoon - 7.3M / NFL Shop - 2.37M)

User rating: NFL Tycoon 39% / NFL Shop 79%

3. McLaren F1 Racing Experience

The McLaren F1 Racing Experience offers the Roblox community a chance to explore the McLaren Technology Center – HQ of the legendary Formula 1 team. Not only can players check out the MCL F1 race car, but they can also style their avatars as drivers Lando Norris or Daniel Ricciardo. Best of all, you get behind the wheel of a gleaming McLaren MCL36 by spending Roblox's in-game currency Robux. You can even drive the car into the ocean.

Visits: 4.1M

User rating: 71%

4. Man City Blue Moon

As a growing number of brands attempt to capture kids’ virtual radars, Manchester City became the first Premier League club to officially enter the Roblox space. With this experience, fans can play or watch Moonball matches, interact with other City super-fans, earn in-game rewards, and purchase kits at Man City’s virtual shop.

Visits: 3.2M

User rating: 69%

5. FIFA World

FIFA formed a partnership with Roblox to get their fans into the spirit of Men's FIFA World Cup 2022 and the Women's World Cup in 2023. This social space offers games like adventure football and other mini-games, FIFA-themed rewards, and even foot bowling with bowling pins because nothing says football like bowling. Sponsor Visa and Adidas are both present within the game. It will be interesting to see if visits soar during the FIFA World Cup in November-December.

Visits: 2.1M

User rating: 86%

6. Football City

To draw kids to football, especially girls, UEFA worked with leading games maker Dubit to develop playable mascots – Robyn, Kai, and Ashley – for UEFA Women’s EURO 2022. The mascots first appeared in The Road to UEFA Women’s Euro experience. Football City enables users to race friends and teammates, in a series of obstacle courses, known as Obbys.

Visits: 120K

User rating: 27%

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