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Trending Roblox UGC Virtual Items

Top avatar clothing and accessories from Hello Kitty to Y2K fits

Strike a pose, fashion-forward Robloxians! We’ve been virtual window-shopping at the Roblox Avatar Shop to uncover the hottest UGC fashion and merch items from the past week.

Virtual clothes and accessories worn by avatars are super important to the world of Roblox. To enhance their social experience, Roblox players can purchase everything from chic clothing to trendy accessories, tiny pets, and so much more.

And if you’re a brand or developer looking to make a splash on Roblox, launching digital fashion and merchandise is a smart and lower-risk way to gain a foothold on the platform, especially compared to building a custom experience. Not only does UGC enable brands to explore new revenue streams, but it also provides marketing benefits by creating buzz on and off the platform, as explained in our previous investigation about trending virtual fashion.

Again, we’ve applied the "Most Favorited" filter, which seems to be the most useful method to determine the top-trending UGC virtual fashion items. Our focus is clothing and accessories from the "Past Week." Let’s go shopping!

Avatar Shop Filters

Top Clothing Trending on Roblox

Just like a real-life department store, one of the main sections in Roblox's Avatar Shop is Clothing. The category features eleven subcategories including jackets, T-shirts, Pants and Sweaters. For determining the current trends, we’ve focused on the “Most Favorited” item in six key subcategories.

Please note, you can view the favorites of each item in the bottom left corner of its image where a star icon indicates the amount.

Top Jacket

Knitted Arm Warmers Very White - 110K+ Favorites

Top Sweater

Cute Cinnamoroll Pack - 10K+ Favorites

Top Shorts

Black Full Body Suit - 1,360 Favorites

Top Pants

Squirrel Suit - 10K+ Favorites

Top T-shirt

Holdable Max Phone - Pink - 3,815 Favorites

Top Skirt

Cinnamoroll Dress - 7,549 Favorites

Top Takeaways from the Clothing Category

Categories Schmategories

The sheer amount of items in the Avatar Shop can be overwhelming. All the fake items don’t help either. But what makes finding a new look for your avatar especially tricky is that fashion items often don’t associate with the subcategories they’re placed in. Case in point, the Holdable Max Phone - Pink listed here is in the T-shirt subcategory. It's also worth noting that being able to show off a cool-looking phone is important, event in Roblox.

Arm Warmers Are Back!

Another version of the Knitted Arm Warmers also featured in our February Top Trending Roblox UGC Virtual Item list. PureSweetener, a UGC creator that appears a fair bit when researching trending clothing items, offers a variety of colored arm warmers and leg warmers, that are proving popular among Robloxians. You might also notice that a selection of PureSweetener’s items are inspired by the Y2K fashion. More on that below.

Top Accessories Trending on Roblox

Accessories is the next major category in Roblox's Avatar Shop. It features eight subcategories such as Head, Neck, Face and Shoulders. Similar to the Clothing category, there seems to be an infinite amount of items to spend on your Robux on.

Top Front Accessory

Y2K "LOVE" Shoulder Tote Bag (3.0) - 3,881 Favorites

Top Face Accessory

୨୧ | cute baby panda bear plushie hood - 17K Favorites

Top Waist Accessory

Realistic Capybara Mount - 74K+ Favorites

Top Hat Accessory

Silver Star Cyber Sigil Crown - 59K Favorites

Top Shoulder Accessory

White Trendy Shoulder Bag - 73.2K Favorites

Top Neck Accessory

Y2K Heart Necklace - 107K+ Favorites

Top Back Accessory

Cinnamoroll Backpack - 93K+ Favorites

Top Takeaways from Accessory Category

Hello Kitty is Everywhere

Cinnamoroll makes three appearances in this list, demonstrating Hello Kitty could well be as popular in the virtual realm as in the physical realm. The My Hello Kitty Cafe experience has been hugely successful, ever since its activation in April 2022, racking up 270.2M+ visits and as of today, it retains a notable session length of 17 minutes. With items on this list, it also shows that Hello Kitty fans are willing to spend BIG. This floppy-eared rabbit sets you back 199 Robux.

Will the Y2K Trend End?

Not anytime soon! Year 2000 fashion remains a hit with Gen Z. Two Y2K titled items are featured in this week's trending accessories — the Y2K "LOVE" Shoulder Tote Bag and the Y2K Heart Necklace. Not only is this younger generation embracing late 1990s and early 2000s nostalgia, they’re also redefining Y2K, changing the meaning to “Your Too Kind.” How nice of them!

Are you looking to launch your very own branded UGC fashion and merchandise in Roblox? Don't fret, we can help you navigate the process. Email Stephen Dypiangco, the CEO of Metaverse Marcom, at

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