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Sonic Speed Simulator

#1 branded game on Roblox with over 500 million visits featuring Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega's Sonic Speed Simulator is an online multiplayer racing game on the Roblox platform featuring open world environments and multiple playable characters. Each character has their own distinct abilities and skills, but players can collect items, buy upgrades, or meet certain requirements during specific events to unlock additional characters from the Sonic series.

The game is about going fast in big open worlds while constantly upgrading your character's abilities. It's similar to simulator games found on Roblox, where you collect orbs and gain XP. Special Sky Rings give you a ton of XP if you fly through them.

In Game Purchases

There is a shop where the player can buy extras using Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox. The purchases that can be made in this shop are divided into passes that grant permanent benefits to a player, such as more room inventory space, level/rebirth multipliers, boosts that grant effects that last for thirty minutes, and bundles of Rings. In addition, the player can purchase Sonic-themed accessories and clothing (UGC) for their Roblox avatar from another shop.

Roblox Developer

Gamefam Studios - Los Angeles-based venture capital-backed studio that raised a $25 million series A funding round in 2022

Last Update: 10/11/22

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