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5 Celebrities Who Have Jumped into the Roblox Metaverse

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

As the metaverse grows in popularity, real-life celebrities are setting up their brand in the virtual world of Roblox. The potential for creativity, building fanbases, and eventually generating revenue in this digital space is seemingly limitless.

Big names in the music industry, like rapper Lil Nas X, have embraced the Roblox platform to great success, offering immersive experiences such as virtual concerts and single launches. Sports stars and fashion icons are also jumping on board and expanding their social media presence via Roblox. In some cases, celebrities like Miley Cyrus and LeBron James have entered the space via brand partnerships.

We expect more and more celebrities to become avatars and immerse themselves in the metaverse. Here are five unique examples that caught our attention.

1. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Metaverse,” has made her presence felt in Roblox with her Paris World experience. Her New Year’s Eve, Neon Carnival, and Cryptoween celebrations in Roblox have attracted fans from around the world.

Partnering with L’Oreal’s Urban Decay makeup line for Halloween, Paris World offers players the chance to become style icons on Paris’ runway, where they can snap up customized catwalk outfits and virtual make-up.

Visits: 928K

User rating: 70%

2. Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss collaborated with Roblox for the Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase. It was a 5-day event that offered the digital fashion community a chance to explore virtual pop-up shops, allowing visitors to purchase and acquire free exclusive items. While these fashion pieces aren’t physical items, Roblox players still value them for styling their avatars.

It's not Kloss' first foray into innovative digital ventures. She also orchestrates coding camps for girls and nonbinary individuals across the country.

Visits: 5.8M

User rating: 75%

3. Miley Cyrus

Gucci Town, first launched in Roblox in May 2022, brought Miley Cyrus on board as a celebrity ambassador to promote Gucci Flora, the brand’s first fragrance in the metaverse. The experience involves digital wearables, scavenger hunts, and an opportunity to pose for selfies next to Cyrus’ avatar.

Expect more cosmetic and fashion brands to capitalize on the earning potential of the metaverse with virtual beauty products.

Visits: 36.8M

User rating: 77%

4. LeBron James

One of the greatest basketball players in existence also existed in the metaverse. Nike announced NIKELAND 3D for Roblox last year and has since tapped Lakers star LeBron James to grow their virtual presence.

While using Roblox as a tool to launch sneakers and other branded items, NIKELAND aims ​to help users to stay active in the real world, appointing LeBron’s avatar as a virtual coach to players, teaching them basketball fundamentals through a variety of fun mini-games.

Visits: 25M

User rating: 80%

5. Lil Nas X

In December 2020, hip-hop artist Lil Nas X performed a virtual concert on Roblox. It accumulated 33M visits in a weekend. Not only was the Lil Nas X Concert Experience performance a huge success, but digital merchandise proved popular with his fans. According to Roblox’s global head of music Jon Vlassopulos at CogX Festival 2021, “The merch for Nas is creeping towards eight figures."

For labels and artists, this is a considerable part of the appeal of the Roblox metaverse –- the potential of making revenue from virtual merch.

Visits: 36.9M

User rating: 75%

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