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Brand Monetization with Roblox UGC: Metaverse Marcom's Core Focus

Most brands currently use Roblox for marketing, but monetization is the next frontier.

By writing lots of research-driven articles about how brands are leveraging Roblox for growth across games, integrations, and UGC, I’ve been able to connect with lots of smart and talented people around the world. I often get asked what it is exactly I do, which means I need to do a better job of explaining my Metaverse Marcom consulting business and how I work with brands. So I'm going to do that here.

Roblox continues to attract considerable attention as a powerful platform for brands to connect with a young and engaged global audience (66 million daily active users), especially to raise brand awareness. But for certain consumer brands, Roblox also offers an exciting and potentially lucrative way to drive monetization (the company generated $2.2 billion in revenue in 2022).

To help brands capitalize on this tremendous opportunity, my company Metaverse Marcom offers a range of comprehensive services focused on helping entertainment brands drive revenue via the sale of Roblox UGC virtual items.

What is Metaverse Marcom?

About Metaverse Marcom

Metaverse Marcom is a revenue-first consulting firm specializing in helping brands unlock the full potential of the Roblox platform for monetization. With a unique blend of strategic guidance and end-to-end campaign execution, we empower brands to launch official branded UGC virtual items, optimize their offerings, and maximize revenue.

Our Services: UGC Monetization Expertise

We offer strategic guidance on monetizing Roblox through official branded UGC virtual items. Additionally, we provide end-to-end campaign execution, from Roblox account setup and UGC item design to Roblox marketplace launch. While we focus on monetization, we also develop and employ supporting marketing strategies that leverage social media platforms and partnerships to drive revenue.

Success Story: Generating Revenue and Reach

We have successfully collaborated with top brands such as Hot Topic, who brought in their partners Paramount and Universal, to launch officially licensed UGC items on Roblox. Our expertise in working with talented Roblox UGC designers and in utilizing data & analytics resulted in substantial sales revenue, widespread item sales, and extensive customer reach.

Unique Value Proposition: Revenue-First Perspective and Unparalleled Insights

Unlike other consultants and agencies, our revenue-first perspective drives tangible, measurable and repeatable ROI for our partners. We also possess unrivaled data and insights in the Roblox branded space, and our research is often cited by executives at Roblox, development agencies, and top brands. We leverage our robust knowledge to understand the trends that help brands effectively sell UGC items and optimize monetization.

Target Industries: Entertainment and Youth-Focused Brands

We help fan-driven brands unlock a powerful new revenue stream driven by the sale of virtual goods. We have a successful track record working with entertainment and retail/fashion brands targeting young consumers. Brands with well-known entertainment IP and existing fan bases are seeing great success utilizing our services.

Disclaimer: Not every consumer brand should use Roblox UGC for monetization. Brands that make the most sense are those that have existing fan bases, ideally those who are young and already spend time and money on Roblox.

Industry Leadership and Research: Trust, Expertise, and Industry Engagement

We lead the Roblox branded industry by conducting ongoing 1st party research and sharing insights through our website, newsletter and LinkedIn. Our research and expertise are trusted by industry leaders at companies such as Roblox, NBCU, Disney, Paramount, WB, FIFA, NBA, NFL, Epic Games, and Apple. We actively engage with professionals and attend industry events to stay at the forefront of the evolving Roblox ecosystem.

Collaboration and Communication: Transparent and Data-Driven

Our collaborative approach with clients ensures seamless communication throughout the consulting process. We provide comprehensive support, including custom analysis and data-rich presentations. Clients appreciate our positive approach and how we help strengthen company culture through transparency and our infectious enthusiasm. Our data-driven decision-making process builds trust and empowers our partners to quickly learn and grow.

Post-Campaign Analysis: Continuous Improvement and ROI Evaluation

We deliver post-campaign analysis that goes beyond completion, and our focus on data analysis and insights sets us apart. We help clients understand what worked, what didn't, and how to optimize future campaigns. We measure success based on key metrics such as revenue, sales, reach, and engagement, making it easy to calculate the ROI of our consulting services.

Scalability and Customization: Tailored Solutions for Diverse Projects

With the capacity to handle projects of varying sizes, we adapt our services to meet each client's unique objectives. Our network of talented UGC designers ensures scalability, while our tailored recommendations and deep understanding of the Roblox ecosystem drive success.

How Can Brands Work with Metaverse Marcom?

Fast, Easy, and Inexpensive Ways to Get Started with Metaverse Marcom

At Metaverse Marcom, we understand the need for brands to quickly tap into the immense potential of Roblox for monetization, ideally before their competitors jump in. That's why we offer several fast, easy, and cost-effective ways for brands to collaborate with us and start harnessing the power of the platform.

1. Strategy Consultation Package: Get Expert Guidance

Our Strategy Consultation Package is the perfect starting point for brands looking to navigate the world of Roblox monetization. In this package, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your brand's objectives, target audience, and market positioning. We provide actionable recommendations and strategic guidance tailored to your specific needs. This option allows you to gain expert insights and develop a solid foundation for your Roblox initiatives.

2. UGC Item Launch Package: Bring Your Brand to Life

If you're ready to launch branded UGC virtual items on Roblox, our UGC Item Launch Package is designed for you. We will handle the end-to-end execution of creating and launching official branded items in the Roblox marketplace. Our comprehensive services include setting up your brand on Roblox, sourcing talented UGC designers, managing the approval process with both your brand and Roblox, and ensuring impeccable quality. With this package, you can swiftly establish your brand presence on Roblox and start monetizing your offerings in just a few weeks.

3. Marketing Campaign Package: Amplify Your Reach

To maximize your brand's visibility and reach on Roblox, our Marketing Campaign Package is the ideal choice. Our expert team develops and executes targeted marketing strategies that leverage platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Discord to raise brand awareness and drive sales. We will also explore potential partnerships with games and influencers to amplify your reach within the Roblox community. By combining data-driven insights with our industry expertise, we ensure your marketing campaigns deliver tangible results.

Interested in exploring Roblox as a pathway for monetization for your brand? If so, email us at Stephen Dypiangco is the CEO of Metaverse Marcom, a strategy and consulting firm helping entertainment brands enter Roblox and start monetizing. Want more insights to master Roblox for brands?

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