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Analyzing Gamefam's Audience Metrics

Having raised a whopping $25 million in venture funding in early 2022, Los Angeles-based Gamefam is the largest professional Roblox developer and publisher out there.

They've built a team of over 250 full-time staff that span game developers and designers all the way to data science, marketing, and partnerships professionals. They've also started to move beyond just Roblox by developing within both Fortnite and Minecraft.

Within Roblox, they're known for branded games such as Sonic Speed Simulator (605 million visits) and Hot Wheels Open World (50 million visits). Their most-visited non-branded games include All Star Tower Defense (4.8 billion visits), Twilight Daycare (1.4 billion visits), and Funky Friday (1.5 billion visits).

Gamefam Roblox Data

In a recent VentureBeat article, several interesting stats were shared about Gamefam's network of Roblox games:


These data points illustrate Gamefam's reach within the Roblox platform, which averages over 50 million daily active users:

- Daily gameplay sessions (Worldwide): 18 million

- Daily gameplay sessions (U.S.): 2.8 million

- Unique daily players (U.S.): 1.5 million

- Monthly gameplay sessions (Worldwide): 550 million


This metric points to the stickiness of Gamefam's games:

- Minutes of engagement per day: 180 million

Calculating Additional Metrics from Gamefam's Data

Working with this data above, we at Metaverse Marcom realized that we could do some simple calculations that unlock additional metrics and insights about Gamefam's audience:


- % U.S. based gameplays: 16%

(U.S. gameplay sessions / Worldwide gameplay sessions)

- % Non-U.S. based gameplays: 84%

(Worldwide gameplay sessions / U.S. gameplay sessions)

- Monthly gameplay sessions (U.S.): 88 million

( Worldwide monthly gameplay sessions x 16% [U.S. gameplays])

Clearly, the vast majority of Gamefam's audience on Roblox is outside of the U.S. This is important for brands and advertisers to understand.

When you build in Roblox, you're reaching a highly international audience.

If you're trying to reach a highly localized audience, Roblox is probably not the best platform for you right now, especially since there's no easy way to target specific geographies.


- Daily gameplay sessions per unique U.S. user: 1.9

(U.S. gameplay sessions / unique U.S. users)

- Avg gameplay session per player (Worldwide): 10 minutes

(Worldwide minutes of engagement / Worldwide daily gameplay sessions)

These engagement metrics are strong. They show that the average player in the U.S. is completing almost 2 sessions per day and that they're spending double-digit time within each game on average.

As more Roblox developers share data on their games' performance, we'll be sure to analyze that in order to provide greater clarity into the nuances of this emerging space.

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