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Motorsports Brands Race to Roblox

From Madden to FIFA, sports and gaming have a long, successful partnership that spans decades and a gamut of platforms. In recent years, the NFL, Monster Jam and Wimbledon tennis have all activated virtual experiences on the Roblox platform with the aim to build a young generation of fans (and possibly test out monetization in the process).

Now two prominent motorsport icons — NASCAR and Italian motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi — have roared into the metaverse with immersive games that have captured the attention of Robloxians.

Buckle up and rev your engines. Let’s whoosh into these two new Roblox experiences: NASCAR Speed Hub and Moto Island – The Official Valentino Rossi Experience.

NASCAR Speed Hub

Recent Stats

Average Session Length: 4 minutes

Lifetime Visits: 1.4M+

Average Visits Per Day: 69K

Rating: 96%

NASCAR Speed Hub recently zoomed into Roblox to make its virtual debut. This immersive game empowers players to customize cars, unlock exclusive virtual items, play mini-games and learn about NASCAR Racing.

NASCAR Explores the Metaverse

This isn’t NASCAR’s first foray into Roblox. In 2021, NASCAR established a metaverse presence when they teamed up with Badimo to bring the NASCAR NEXT Gen race car to Jailbreak — a hugely popular racing title where players attempt robberies or catch criminals.

NASCAR built upon that Jailbreak collaboration by partnering with gaming studio Dubit to build this new experience.

A Race to the Top

The game's key feature is a time trial where players can collect money and upgrade their vehicles. Upgrades are crucial in reaching the top of the global leaderboard. In the "Quest for Diamonds" mini-game, which is accessible from the hub, players can search for NASCAR's 75th Anniversary diamonds.

Looking ahead, NASCAR Speed Hub will include additional official and user-generated content, empowering creators to collaborate in the space.

Moto Island – The Official Valentino Rossi Experience

Recent Stats

Average Session Length: 7 minutes

Lifetime Visits: 853K Visits

Average Daily Visits: 21K

Rating: 81%

9-times MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi and his VR46 Metaverse team recently kick-started Moto Island – The Official Valentino Rossi Experience on Roblox. Moto Island is set in a vibrant, open world built around towns, snowy mountain tops, coastal roads, forests and most importantly, race tracks!

Dubit Team-Up

NASCAR Speed Hub isn't the only motorsports entity to develop a Roblox experience with Dubit. Moto Island – The Official Valentino Rossi Experience was created in partnership with this popular gaming studio.

Immersive Racing

With motorcycle racing legend Valentino Rossi to guide players, up to 30 riders can line up to race along the fun yet treacherous tracks.

The game promises the most authentic motorbike physics on Roblox. Within Moto Island, there are a plethora of bikes with thousands of upgrades, including UGC items such as helmets, leathers, and even a cute turtle pal to ride with.

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