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Roblox for Brands: adidas, Lamborghini, Telefonica

New Limited UGC sales record set and a luxury auto maker returns to Roblox.


More and more major brands are turning to the Roblox platform to reach young audiences. Here are some of the main Roblox and brands stories that caught my attention in the past week.

Adidas Sets New Limited UGC Sales Record

adidas set a new record for selling a Roblox limited UGC item. The 1/1 adidas chain sold for 2M Robux, which equals $25,000 USD. This adidas sale beat the previous limited UGC sales record set by Lamborghini, which had sold 3 golden bullheads for 1.5M Robux each.

According to Matthew Warneford of developer Dubit, this adidas item sold out in 60 seconds. It also came with "two physical, unique, hand-customized pairs of shoes from adidas (Germany)."

What has been the key to selling high-priced limited UGC? Well, it's been a combination of beloved brand + ultra-limited quantity + IRL reward.

Lamborghini Returns to Roblox, Partners with Driving Empire

After launching a limited-time experience and setting the previous Limited UGC sales record late last year, luxury automaker Lamborghini recently returned to Roblox. The brand's updated Lamborghini Lab experience (developed by Sawhorse) has amassed over 2 million visits in the last two weeks, more than doubling it's previous lifetime visit total of about 1 million.

How has Lamborghini been able to attract so much attention this time around? Through a smart partnership with Voldex's Driving Empire, Roblox's top driving game. Driving Empire players can earn a Free Lamborghini to use within Driving Empire by taking a portal over to the Lamborghini Lab. Clearly this partnership is driving a lot of traffic to the Lamborghini experience.

Telefonica Launches on Roblox

Spanish telecom company Telefonica launched a Roblox experience called Telefonica Town, which was developed by Playoffnations. The branded experience offers players a variety of mini games.

Here's more from the description:

🏢 Step into Telefónica Town, an incredible city filled with mini-games and challenges to complete. 🌐 Wifi Village: Every man for himself 📻 IoT Village: Technological parkour ☁️ Cloud Village: Set your best time 🚩 Cyber Village: Capture the flag 🦠 Main building: Solve challenges to repair the damage caused by the virus in the city.

Future Chicken IP Surpasses 1M Visits

Last November, I wrote about how new IP can launch on Roblox, focusing Wind Sun Sky's Future Chicken. I had a privilege of consulting on this project, and I was delighted to see that Escape Bathroom Obby recently surpassed 1 million lifetime visits.

Darkhorse Comics Runs Roblox Campaign with Freshcut

I love a good data dump, so this infographic above from Freshcut caught my attention. The Roblox-focused short form video platform recently partnered with Dark Horse Comics to promote the title Minor Threats. The campaign resulted in millions of impressions as well as downloads of the comic.

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Stephen Dypiangco is a Roblox marketing and strategy consultant helping entertainment and sports brands enter Roblox.

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