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Top 10 Metaverse Branded Experiences, August

Here's my list of the top 10 branded experiences on Roblox based on lifetime visits as of early August, 2022. I pulled the data directly from each experience's Roblox page, which lists cumulative visits (and lots of other interesting data!).

Sonic the Hedgehog makes total sense as the top branded Roblox game because this IP started as a video game. This is basically just Sonic on a new platform. That being said, kudos to developer Gamefam (which also made the Hot Wheels game) for its high visits and high rating. While playing the game, I enjoy how slow you start off at first. It really motivates you to try to collect coins, level up and get faster (and keep on playing!).

ZAG Entertainment and developer Toya have literally recreated Paris as it appears in the kids animated series Miraculous. Very cool to wander the streets of Paris and visit the various places the show's characters inhabit. The scale and attention to detail of this virtual world is impressive.

Hello Kitty Cafe from Sanrio, Inc. and developer Rock Panda Games continues to attract lots of visits, averaging almost 1MM visits per day. They've released new virtual items for purchase within their game, so they are likely increasing ARPU and therefore customer LTV.

I expect to see the experience from Gucci and developer The Gang Sweden (Marcus Holmström) continuing to move up this list, especially with innovative partnerships they're forming, such as their recent one with Miley Cyrus.

Sunsilk from Unilever and developer Karta (Erik Londré) stands out for being a personal care brand, which is impressive. When you're an entertainment company that has great IP like Sonic, Wonder Woman, or Stranger Things, it's much easier to translate your brand into a fun and engaging 3D world experience. It's much harder to make this jump into the metaverse if you're selling hair care products.

Stranger Things from Netflix and Wonder Woman from DC Comics are both older titles, so they will probably fall out of this relatively soon as more brands launch popular experiences.


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