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Top Takeaways from the Roblox Developer Conference

From my perspective within the entertainment 📺 and sports 🏀 industries, here are the most interesting updates from the Roblox Developer Conference:

Top Developer Earnings

- Top 5 experiences earned between $10MM-$50MM in H1 2022

- Top 10 Developers earned at least $6MM in H1 2022

Online Advertising: Roblox is launching immersive in-game ad units in 2023

- Expanded Monetization: powerful new revenue stream for game developers, especially those able to attract millions of users

- Brand Marketing: new ads provide brands with a direct way to reach Roblox's millions of users

Brand Growth on Roblox

- More brands are activating on Roblox than ever before - +125% growth in brand partnerships from 2021 to 2022 (YTD)

- Brands are hiring Roblox developers to help them activate

International Growth

- Machine translation is fueling significant growth in non-English speaking territories

- Major audience growth in Brazil (+541%), India (+1586%), and Japan (+1349%) over the last 4 years

Roblox Game Fund

- Roblox increasing their fund from $25MM to $35MM to support the creation of innovative games on the platform

Video Stars Program

- Members of Roblox's "Video Stars" program collectively average 10B YouTube views of Roblox content monthly

- Roblox will open the program to TikTok creators

The Roblox ecosystem is only getting bigger, and I'm excited to see how the platform, community and participating brands influence the future of storytelling and communication.

Below are even more great data points from the keynote address. To watch the full video, head to YouTube here:

Thanks to Roblox for making such powerful data available, especially David Baszucki, Manuel Bronstein, Daniel Sturman!


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