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What Drives Roblox's Incredible 2.3 Hour Avg Daily Session Times?

The average Roblox player spends 2.3 hours on the platform in a single day.

Let that sink in.

2.3 hours.

That's a lot of time. That's more than most feature length movies. That's longer than watching 3 42-minute TV dramas.

So what drives all of this extended engagement that traditional media and other digital platforms would love to have?

Is it the huge selection of games available on the platform? Sure, that's probably part of the reason. In 2022, Roblox players visited 15 million experiences.

But Roblox is much more than an immersive UGC gaming platform.

It's also a social platform, where people come to hang out with their friends and make new friends.

Roblox is a Scaled Social Platform

Years ago, young people would spend hours hanging out with their friends in malls.

Today, young people spend hours hanging out with their friends online on platforms like Roblox.

At the Roblox Developers Conference (RDC), CEO David Baszucki, VP Nick Tornow and VP Tian Lim shared key data points that illustrate the tremendous scale of Roblox's social activity.


- 17.3 Million new friendships formed daily


- 3 Billion messages sent daily

- 45.8 messages sent / DAU


Chat with Voice is only available to age-verified 13+ users

- 2 Million Voice DAUs worldwide

- 30% growth over last 6 months

- 12% of 13+ DAUs / 3% of all DAUs

- 450K Hours of Voice daily

- 13.5 minutes of voice / Voice DAU


When you look at all of this social activity on the platform, suddenly the 2.3 Hour avg. time spent on the platform per player makes more sense.

When you consider all of the friendships, messages and conversations happening on the platform, it's clear that people aren't just playing. They're hanging out with others.

Roblox Encourages Social Activity

The Roblox algorithm boosts experiences where social activity is present.

Why would they do this?

Because players who are engaged with their friends probably have more fun and spent more time and money on the platform.

Is your brand treating Roblox as a social platform and promoting social activity among players? If not, it should be.

Stephen Dypiangco is the CEO of Metaverse Marcom, a strategy and consulting firm helping entertainment and sports brands enter Roblox.

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