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Animated Heads Among Top Trending Roblox UGC

Animated heads are very popular in the Roblox marketplace right now.

Over the past week, 4 out of the top 5 best-selling UGC items (excluding free items) are animated heads.

Let's explore what's trending right now and what could be driving each item's success.

Top 5 Trending Roblox UGC

big poo (animated)

- Price: 75 Robux

- Favorites: 9.1K

Animals and pets are consistently popular in the Roblox Marketplace. As we've detailed previously, cute pets rule on Roblox. So it's no surprise that this cute, sad-looking cat head is so successful.

Animated Shattered Head

- Price: 39 Robux

- Favorites: 1.5K

A new twist on the classic Roblox head, this cracked head comes in various versions. Although the differences between this and a normal head are quite subtle, the crack's bright color helps it stand out clearly. That seems to be appealing to players buying it.

I love how the description says the head is "held together by the void within." Kudos to creator justinlampkin. I love your sense of humor!

Halloween Pumpkin Head

- Price: 2 Robux

- Favorites: 978

Halloween in the Super Bowl of Roblox, and players love to dress up their avatars to celebrate. This particular head is very low priced at only 2 Robux, so that's helping it gain strong traction.

Animated Head in a Jar

- Price: 49 Robux

- Favorites: 4.8K

There are so many creative avatar heads getting made these days, and this is one of the most creative I've seen. When you equip your avatar with this head, it looks like your.body has a jar sitting on top of your shoulders, and your head is floating in the jar.

Here's my avatar with the head:

Absolutely brilliant.

Mini Plushie

- Price: 56 Robux

- Favorites: 37.1K

While not a standalone avatar head, but rather a full avatar body, this UGC item also includes an oversized head as part of the bundle. This style of avatar body takes your existing avatar and makes it seem shorter and wider. The effect is very cool and instantly makes your avatar seem 50%-500% cuter. And at only 56 Robux, that's a steal.

Revenue & Monetization Opportunities with Roblox UGC

While not huge money makers, I'm guessing these 5 items are generating several thousand dollars in revenue monthly.

The biggest challenge when it comes to monetizing UGC on Roblox is that all of these sales are micro-transactions. Each item costs so little, so it takes a LOT of them to start to add up to a meaningful amount.

That being said, some items such as the ones featured on this list are able to break through and sell thousands upon thousands of units that do generate revenue.

Branded Roblox Avatar Heads

Why aren't there more branded avatar heads in the marketplace yet?

I'm guessing it is because this trend is relatively new, and Roblox only opened up avatar head creation in the past several weeks.

I hope we start seeing more branded avatar heads and bodies in the marketplace soon.

I'd love to see popular characters / people from Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Netflix, National Basketball Association (NBA) in here.

What are the brands and IP you'd like to see as avatar heads in Roblox?

Stephen Dypiangco is the CEO of Metaverse Marcom, a strategy and consulting firm helping entertainment and sports brands enter Roblox.

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