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Top 10 Roblox Brand Games (October '23)

Two Walmart branded experiences, Supercampus & Walmart Discovered, enter the top 20

Every week we at Metaverse Marcom publish exclusive research about how brands are activating on the Roblox platform. And at the start of each month, we gather data on how many visits branded experiences have accumulated on Roblox during the previous month in order to see what's currently popular on the platform.

-30% Monthly Decrease Across Top 20 Branded Games

When looking at the top 20 branded games combined, overall visits decreased -30% month-over-month. In September, the top 20 games collectively had 82.1 million visits, versus having 106.5 million in August.

8 out of the 10 ten brands on this list saw month over month dips in visits. Last month's most notable new brand, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, dropped -59% from 7.6 million monthly visits to 3.1 million visits, which was good enough for 7th place on this month's list.

Sonic reclaimed the top spot from Miraculous, but both titles were down more than -20% with both falling under 15 million visits. This is the first time we're seeing Sonic have visits numbers this low since we started tracking monthly visits late last year.

Walmart Back on Roblox with 2 Experiences

A year later, Walmart continues to invest resources on reaching young Roblox users with another two new experiences.

Supercampus powered by Walmart

Launch date: August 23, 2023

User Rating: 82%

September Visits: 1.9 million

The first out of the gate for Walmart this year was Supercampus, created by Supersocial.

This back to school themed experience features creatures called Splorps as well as Walmart brand partners Crayola, Bic Highlighters and 3M's Post-It Notes.

Here's more from the experience's description:

Welcome to Supercampus! This isn’t your typical back-to-school adventure. Use Super Supplies to solve puzzles, help the wacky Splorps, and showcase your skill & creativity! 

!! Kreekcraft vs KREW !!

🎒 Upgrade Super Supplies in each classroom to gain even more Brain Points in classroom activities and unlock new auras! 
👢 New FREE limited UGC is available! Earn the Kreek Cat Pet or KREW Wings by reaching the top of your team’s leaderboard by Oct 10th! 
🎉 Collect Super Supplies from BIC, Crayola, & Post-it* 

The experience has offered a variety of Free UGC Limited items to attract players.

Walmart Discovered

Launch date: September 26, 2023

User Rating: 93%

September Visits: 1.16 million

At the end of the September, Walmart Discovered came out, created by Sawhorse. Full disclosure, I'm working with Sawhorse and directly worked on this project.

As its name implies, Walmart Discovered is focused on helping players discover new things (games and UGC) on the Roblox platform.

Here's what the description says...


PLAY🎮 - Discover & portal to new experiences
SHOP🛒 - Try on & buy trending UGC & emotes
NOMINATE🗳️ - Tell us what you want to see featured
PERSONALIZE🛠️⭐️ - Customize your Walmart Cart
SHARE💬🤗 - Showcase your favorite items

Similar to Supercampus, Walmart Discovered is also offering free UGC Limiteds to players who complete in-game challenges.

Amazon Holiday Dash

Launch date: September 25, 2023

User Rating: 84%

September Visits: 421K

Coincidently another huge retailer recently came back to Roblox at the same time as Walmart.

A day before Walmart Discovered came out, Amazon returned to Roblox with Amazon Holiday Dash, created by The Gang. Amazon had released an experience on Roblox last year, and they've returned with a new game, featuring the cute animal characters from their holiday toy catalog.

Here's what description says...

Fox and her forest friends are back!

🎉Play through 7 Seasons🎉
😱Earn up to 14 Free Limited UGC’s😱
📝Vote on your favourite UGC’s📝 
🏁Compete in exciting racing-style mini games inspired by each animal🏁 
🧭Explore different environments in each mini game🧭
😎Gather points to earn items and dress up your avatar😎

⚠️Every season will take two weeks. Complete challenges and gather points each two week season, to be rewarded Free Limited UGC’s and vehicle colors!
Limited one per qualifying player while supplies last in the Amazon Holiday Dash Experience⚠️

UGC’s are limited to their quantities. Experience begins September 25th and ends December 31, 2023. Players points reset each season if not redeemed in experience lobby.

Brands Ranked 11-20

Here are the remaining top-performing brands from this past month:

11. US Open: Champions of the Court - 1.9 million visits

12. Sesame Street Mecha Builders - 1.8 million visits

13. NERF Strike - 1.5 million visits

14. Spotify Island - 1.44 million visits

15. Tommy Play - 1.38 million visits

16. Sunsilk Hair Care Lab Tycoon - 1.33 million visits

17. Crocs World Mini Games - 1.2 million visits

18. FIFA Footblocks - 1.17 million visits

19. Walmart Discovered - 1.16 million visits

20. Cartoon Network Game On - 1.16 million visits

Interested in exploring Roblox as a pathway for marketing and monetization for your brand? Need help developing updated marketing plans that drive not only traffic to your Roblox experience, but also monetization opportunities? If so, email us at

Stephen Dypiangco is the CEO of Metaverse Marcom, a strategy and consulting firm helping entertainment and sports brands enter Roblox.

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